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US will send up to 30,000 troops in new Afghan surge.               .............21 December 2008

 Will they ever learn?

Put George Bush on trial for War Crimes.                                             ............10 July 2008
If you care about the world and your country and peace and love of mankind then you should do everything possible to have G W Bush put on trial for war crimes.
Come on now; do your bit!
If you live in Australia, have John Howard put on trial for war crimes also.
If you live in Great Britain have Tony Blair put on trial also.

Saint Anthony                            ............. 24 June 2008

It’s good that the PM of Australia , John Howard has finally been overthrown. Soon G W Bush will be overthrown by possibly Obama and the world may find itself in a more peaceful time.   Have you noticed how there seems to be less ‘terrorist’ attacks in western countries?     This is probably due to the fact that the western world is starting to learn that they need to improve their lifestyles and their evil ways.GW Bush is loosing his attempt to dominate the world , and it’s little wonder that many Americans are hated throughout the world.   The 9/11 was a big wake up call for them but they still have a long way to go.


Peace will come to those that seek peace within themselves first. Pray to Saint Anthony of Padua that we all may ‘find’ peace within ourselves. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of lost things.

Pope Benedict XVI presents George Bush with a present.     12 June 2007
MEETING for the first time, Pope Benedict XVI and US President George W Bush spoke about the precarious situation in Iraq and a wide range of other foreign policy and moral issues.
The pope and president greeted each other and spoke briefly in front of reporters before their 35-minute private encounter on June 9.
The talks also touched on the overall situation in the Middle East, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and developments in Lebanon.
“The Holy See again expressed the hope for a ‘regional’ and ‘negotiated’ solution to the conflicts and crises that are tormenting the region,” the Vatican statement said.

The pope and the president also exchanged gifts. Bush gave the pope a long wooden walking stick with a design representing the Ten Commandments. When the pope picked it up, Bush told him it had been made by a former homeless man in Dallas and then the pope beat Bush over the head with it.

The last time Bush came for a papal audience, in 2004, Pope John Paul II told him of his deep concern for the situation in Iraq and reminded the president of the “unequivocal position” taken by the Vatican against the war.


Happiness ! Australia's PM John Howard is finally on the way out.     2 June 2007
Isn't it wonderful that Howard is on the way out , soon to be replaced by Labor's Kevin Rudd?
It has taken Australians a little over 8 years to realize that Howard has destroyed everything good that Australians stood for. There will be no more unfair and barbaric treatment of refugees. No more exploitation of aborigines. No more warmongering with his evil mate GWB. No more unfair Industrial Relations laws. No more ignoring damage to the environment. Yes, no more Howard.
I feel as ease now knowing that the Howard Coalition will be eliminated. Labor should win by such a landslide victory that when elected as PM, Kevin Rudd will be able to swiftly implement laws to bring Australia back on it's feet again and regain the good International standing that we once had with our neighbors. feels sooo good.

Bush may get blown up.    16 May 2007
George Bush will be visiting Sydney next week around the 24 May 2007 for a summit. For security reasons all mobile phones will be cut off by telephone networks so that a would-be bomber can't blow up GWB via a mobile phone. Do you think that is fair to cut off all mobile phones in Sydney? Maybe we should ask if it is fair to all the Iraqi families that have lost loved ones because GWB bombed them.

Bush to veto Iraq deadline.      3 May 2007
George Bush is now faced with having to veto Congress' plan to cut funding for his war on Iraq if he doesn't pull US troops out of Iraq by October 1, with a non-binding target of completing the pullout by March 31, 2008.
Finally some sense has inspired the American people to wash their hand of Bush's warmongering. Even if Bush vetoes Congress' plan, the world and the American people will not rest until Bush is finally stopped. The destruction Bush as caused the world with his Iraq war will go down in infamy. 

May 3. Bush vetoed  Congress' plan and now he is faced with mounting opposition to his warmongering on Iraq. God Bless all the good souls in the USA trying to put an end to Bush's madness.

The Planet Is Sick     3 May 2007
The rocky mountain weeps
Tears roll down the cheeks
of blue sky.
Oh dear mountain
Why do you look sad?
I am sad
Because the sky is weeping
I am sad
Because nobody listens
groaning of the sea.

The sea
The mountain
And the blue sky
All are sad
Because the planet is bleeding.

By divinepoet
May 3, 2007

Trouble in the Philippines with 4/11.    14 April 2007
Have you heard of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ? (she is called 4/11 by peace activist that want to expose her corrupt presidency). Well she's the President of the Philippines and as far as I know, she is more corrupt than President Marcos was.
Marcos was overthrown by People Power back in the 80's and now that the Philippines is in trouble again with 4/11's evil ways, there is not much that can be done about it. The Aussie media had a big part in exposing Marco's evil regime but now Australia is too busy with a useless and evil war on Iraq to even bother to help the Philippine people to get ride of 4/11. Peace activists world wide are more occupied trying to get rid of George Bush.
Archbishop OSCAR V. CRUZ of the Philippines said on 22 March 2007 that his country is under not only the worse but still worsening governance of the present administration of 4/11. There have been many extrajudicial killings and merciless and suspected murderers. The deaths are counted and the counting does not stop.
So in other words what the Archbishop is saying , if you speak up against the administration then you can expect a bullet in the head.

Pope's reply to Da Vinci Code   12 April 2007
A book by Pope Benedict XVI is billed as his answer to popular publications such as Dan Brown's best-selling The Da Vinci Code.
The book will appear in Italian, German and Polish stores .
Journalists received advance copies of the Italian edition of Jesus of Nazareth, which attempts to reconcile the historical figure of Jesus with that of the Gospels.

PM John Howard still refuses to support the Kyoto Protocol.   23 March 2007
PM Howard said he would ignore the stark warnings of acclaimed climate change expert Sir Nicholas Stern of the UK, refusing to commit to a 30 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions in Australia over the next 13 years.
Sir Nicholas' warns that to do nothing could see temperatures rise by five degrees Celsius by next century, creating a climatic catastrophe not seen since the last ice age. Under this scenario, Australians could face longer and more severe drought, deadly floods, extinction of animal species and the elimination of natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef.
PM Howard said "To cut Australia's greenhouse gas emissions would cost thousands of jobs in the Australian coal industry and that it would have a devastating effect on the Australian economy."
So Howard is still ignoring the stark warnings of experts and scientists !


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